Gone Too Soon

when I look at their face it is pain that I see

behind those eyes is real misery

a loss unlike I have ever known

one that I can’t change….because I can’t bring him home

he was taken so young and I just can’t understand

but they say God has a plan and I must try to believe


it doesn’t really help me to ask why why why

I have been there before and all I can do is cry

Cry for their loss and cry for their pain….

Cry for their hurt and cry as they strain


To get up each day to put one foot in front of the other

as everyone moves on and most things stay the same

but nothing is the same when someone has been lost

there is always a void and always a cost

they say that it is the hardest on the ones left behind

and I believe this to be true but we must continue to try


continue to try to make sense of the loss

continue to believe that there is a reason for the cost

the cost of a life, the cost of a broken family

we look for solace in one another as we grieve from the pain


our loved ones ask questions our friends look to support

a shoulder to lean on and ear to listen

this is what I can give and I will because I am certain

that the beliefs that we hold will help us get through

and that family and friends will be the strength and the truth


the strength that they need when the day seems so long

the truth they need to hear that all is not lost

I promise to surround them with love and support

to let them grieve how they need to and not judge or be harsh

but to hold them and listen and make sure they know

how much that I love them and not just as friends….

but we have become like extended family and I am thankful

to him


a young handsome and vibrant boy that lived life everyday

and threw caution to the wind with each breath that he would take

he loved like no other he made us laugh and cry


he made sure he surrounded them with so many people

so that when he had to leave he could be certain

that the love and support of both family and friends

would be with them for now until they could see him again.


dtv 07/16/14

Jordan Smelski and Family

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