Jordan’s Story


It was a warm, sunny day when I busted into the world. Yes, me, Jordan Cole Smelski. I was born in Florida, the sunshine state. I still live here, and let me tell you something, there’s a reason they call it the sunshine state. Now, let me tell you something about me. My mom is really nice and lovable and I’m lucky to have her. My dad is an amazing cook and I love him so much. Then there’s my dog, Jazz. She is very energetic and loves to play. She likes to sit on my parents and my lap and she cheers me up when I have had a bad day.

I have gone to Wilson since I was in kindergarten. I have enjoyed the school a lot since I joined the school. During those years, I have received the Key Kid award for being responsible. I’m going to Sanford Middle School after I’m done with Wilson Elementary. I want to do sports, robotics, and the IB program. When I’m done with middle school and high school, I want to go to FSU during my college years. While I’m there, I want to do band or maybe football.

Now, let me tell you some of the sports and games that I like to do and play. First of all, I like to play soccer. In fact, I have played soccer since I was four and I’m still playing at age 11. I like to play Sorry and Trouble with my family and friends.

My family and friends are really important to me. I have a motto about life, “God only gives you one life, so you better use it well.” I have another motto I like, “When life gives you lemons, you squeeze them back into life’s eyes.” This means never give up.

When I grow up I want to be a sales person because my wonderful parents are both sales people. Another reason is, my fifth grade teacher said I would be a good one. I want to grow up and have a family and live a good life. When I’m an adult I want to go to California and watch the sharks play.

My name is Jordan Smelski and I’m lucky to be me because I have a kind and loving family, awesome friends, food to eat and water to drink. I also have a good education and very nice teachers.

Jordan Smelski

Always smiling!

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