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  • Good Morning,

    I would like to first convey my deepest condolences for your loss. My thoughts and prayers remain with your family during this difficult time.

    I would also like to thank you for transforming your pain into energy for raising awareness. I recently traveled to Costa Rica about a year ago and heard about your story since returning. Like you, I have also been exposed to information regarding parasites that could potentially live in lakes and rivers, particularly in tropical regions. When in Costa Rica, I swam in what was described to me as hot springs. However, the hot springs were more like pools. They were man-made structures that flowed into one another at a resort. Some were luke warm while others were almost too hot to enter. The hotter ones flowed into the cooler ones. Is this similar to the environment in which Jordan was infected by the amoeba or was the hot springs more naturally existent (i.e. not man-made, but rather just a geyser in the ground)?

    I would like to make sure that I have as much information as possible to ensure I am better informed for all future travel experiences. It sounds like the best approach is to ask the resorts and local people whether the bodies of water are chemically treated, however I sometimes wonder whether the information you receive when asking these types of questions is valid/honest.

    Again, I thank you for the work you are doing by spreading awareness and am very sorry for your loss.


    Sabin Loveland

  • Dear Smelski Family,

    I came across Jordan's story on the seminole Youth Soccer website, went to Jordan's smiles and here I am. My son is Daniel Pittarello. He's 9 years old and plays for the Galaxys, U-9. I have recently relocated my family to Heathrow, Fl after 25 years living in South Florida.

    I want you to know that the little Angel, Jordan, sent by God to illuminate you and so many people in this world is sitting by the side of God right now as one of his Angels of Life and watching over you and all of us. Jordan's spirit lives in Daniel, lives in every child, in every school, everywhere in the world.

    At this time I want to thank you Jordan for touching Daniel's life. For touching every parent and kids lives. For the work of your Dad and Mom who are doing this great job of making us aware of this deadly disease.

    YOU TOUCHED OUR LIVES AND YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD. I love you through the love of my son. I will make sure little Danny gets to know you and include you in our prayes from this day on. Thank you for shining your light during the time you spent here with us, and please continue interceding with our FATHER on our behalf.


    Will, Marge and Daniel Pittarello


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